Social Media Statistics Australia – November 2013

Social Media Statistics Australia – November 2013


This month we have included a new social network –Snapchat, as this service keeps growing and growing. The service is now sending 400 million photos and videos every day, which has doubled from 200 million since July 2013. We saw last month Facebook offer to acquire Snapchat for $3 Billion USD – which they turned down.

Whilst Snapchat haven’t released any specific active user numbers, many leading tech blogs around the world have speculated and calculated their own numbers – and we will do the same.


November 2013 Stats:

(Please note all stats represent the number of Unique Australian Visitors [UAVs] to the site over August – except for Facebook which is the number of active monthly users as reported by Facebook themselves).

1. Facebook – 12,800,000 users according to Ad tool, 12,000,000 monthly Australian users.
2. YouTube – 12,000,000 UAVs
3. – 5,700,000
4. Tumblr – 4,400,000
5. LinkedIn – 3,400,000
6. Blogspot – 3,000,000
7. Twitter – 2,500,000 Active Australian Users
8. Instagram – 1,600,000 Active Australian Users
9. Snapchat – 1,070,000 Active Australian Users (see calculation below).
10. TripAdvisor – 870,000
11. Flickr – 810,000
12. Pinterest – 470,000
13. Yelp – 210,000
14. MySpace – 200,000
15. Reddit – 155,000
16. Google Plus – approx 70,000 monthly active Australian users (my estimation *revised*)
17. StumbleUpon – 67,000
18. Foursquare – 41,000
19. Digg – 29,000
20. Delicious – 23,000


Number of Australian Snapchat Users – Calculation Koala

Facebook paid $30 USD per user (app installs) when purchasing Instagram. Facebook’s recent offer to buy Snapchat for $3 Billion USD puts them at around 100 million users/ installs based on the value of $30 USD per user.

We will use the Facebook formula to estimate the number of Australian Snapchat users. We use this same formula to estimate the number of Australian Instagram users.

Facebook now has 1.19 Billion monthly users globally. Of Facebook’s total, 12.8 million are Australian users or approx 1.07% of the total Facebook population.

1.07% of Snapchat’s 100 million global audience = 1,070,000 Australian users.


Key Points To Note: 

  • We are seeing an increased level of professionalism from social networking in general. A large number of Australian’s are now creating personal and business related blogs. Previously users would share their commercial interests across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn whereas now we are seeing people create dedicated blogs for business discussion, whitepapers, reports and studies.
  • Christmas and Summer Holiday Dip. At this time of year we will see a slight drop in business related social networking over the summer holidays, then activity will pick-up again in February 2014. This is fairly standard behaviour and also occurred over the last few years. You may see increased level of postings across typical social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as people share their holiday plans.
  • Google Plus as a social network has failed in Australia. Many people use the site in an effort to increase their SEO without using any of the ‘social networking’ functionality. The site has attracted a select audience of the business community but no where near the numbers and interaction of LinkedIn. As a result Google Plus has shrunk by 5000 Australian user this month. My Google Plus stats come from a leading paid for analytics service.


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