5 tips for putting together a successful social strategy

5 tips for putting together a successful social strategy.

Social media has not only deeply impacted our ways of communicating with each other but also the ways in which we communicate with brands and vice versa. From the devices we use, to what we share, where we communicate and how we communicate. In order to stay on top with your audience you need to communicate effectively. To help you we have compiled our top 5 tips for putting together a successful social strategy.


1. Know your audience

First of all you have to find out the interests of your audience, their mode of communication and purchasing behavior. You can’t develop a social communications strategy without knowing who you want to reach.  There is no one method to reach everybody. The advantage of knowing the people you’re marketing to is that you can create an optimal environment in which your audience is most receptive.


2. Be up to date

The world keeps changing around us and to keep up, brands have to just go with it. There are so many ways online to reach almost anyone at any place, any time.


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3. Content in the right context

In marketing, everything is about content. But how relevant are your posts? There is so much information on the internet that you have to create memorable content that is relevant to your target audience.


4. Audience feedback

Now that you’ve posted a message on your social channels with the above points in mind, you need to check how your audience reacted. Have they liked your post? Have they shared it? Or have they commented? Ideally, your post hits the spot and if not, you need to revise your content strategy.


5. Community management

Creating engaging content builds a community around your brand, but you also have to be part of this community. You should respond to all comments and questions, ideally within 24 hours.


In the marketing world things are always changing, but principles remain the same. A good communication strategy can benefit your brand in so many ways. Just keep it simple, relevant and open.


Adapted from: www.business2community.com


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