5 reasons why social advertising is better than traditional advertising

5 reasons why social advertising is better than traditional advertising


“Traditional advertising works by interrupting a message with a less interesting message” – Daniel Stein


Social Advertising


1. Social advertising allows you to better reach your target audience/ a wider audience:

Target reach is the most important element of advertising and with traditional media it’s not an easy feat. Social advertising allows you to reach your audience (through targeted ads/ promoted posts) and a very specific audience which traditional advertising cannot provide. 


2. Social advertising is cheaper:

Most companies allocated a large budget to traditional marketing as print, TV and radio advertising as it does not come cheap, especially at prime times when your audience is most likely ‘tuned in’. At times these costs are just not feasible for small-medium businesses. Successful campaigns can be set to $2/day on Facebook or $5/day on Twitter whereas with traditional you could spend your entire budget on 1 magazine ad (that’s not even a full page!) which may not even reach your target audience.


3. Social advertising gives you fast results and return of investment:

You know pretty quickly with social advertising whether your campaign is working or not by the clicks, likes, shares, number of audience reach etc. Based around your targeting and carefully-crafted message, you will see a return on your social advertising investment quicker than traditional marketing. Not only that but, if campaign is not performing so well, pull the ad and change the content, image, offer or who your ads is targeted at!


4. Social advertising exposes you to people you may not have otherwise met:

Social advertising opens up brands to a larger audience to which they may not otherwise tapped into. It connects you to people who are not (yet) connected to your page or who may even be customers of your competitors (game on!). Some of these people may have never found you without that news feed ad, sponsored tweet or even their friends simply liking your page.


5. Social advertising is limitless:

Social advertising is not limited by one day each week, specific time or only certain networks campaign advertising. You have the freedom to run you ad at whatever time, whatever date and for how long you like.  Not only that but you have the freedom of being spontaneous with advertising new campaigns, promotions & products to many people compared to having to plan and book up to 6 months in advance. No deadline, no restrictions, no demographic/geographic restrictions and all at a cheaper – Social media is your oyster!


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