Content is king. But context is everything

What can Banksy teach us about content marketing?

The art of the famous street artist is much sought after and sells for quite a tidy sum (even if it is street art and meant to be viewed in public by everyone). So it was quite surprising when Banksy opened a ‘pop up sale’ in New York’s Central Park during his October visit and sold pretty much nothing.

His artwork was on offer for $60 each and yet nobody seemed too keen to snap up the priceless art. Hours pass with nobody interested in the art. Watch the video here.

FRANk Media- content is king context is everything


For a marketer like me, the question is: WHY did Banksy’s art not sell? In short: CONTEXT.

The best pieces of art (and content if you are a brand or marketer) are pretty much useless in the wrong context. We can produce the best possible content for our Facebook page, blog etc. but without the right context (i.e. the setting, circumstance, situation, condition, time etc.) our content is pretty much worth nothing.

Yes, content is king. But content in the right context is really everything. It’s import to make sure you invest in content development and create content tailored to your communications channels, different target audiences etc.

One brand which has understood the importance of both content and context is Ricoh America and you can read about their approach here.



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