What do advertisers really think about Facebook?

Ad Age recently took a look at how Facebook has changed from an experimental ad channel to a mature part of the media mix for marketeers, and in news that should surprise no-one, the number who say they advertise on Facebook has sharply increased.

A survey of 1,200 marketers found that…

It’s no surprise that over 80 per cent of respondents said they use Facebook as a marketing channel. This includes maintaining a Facebook presence, creating content, social listening as well as advertising. However, the real juicy info is that those who say they advertise on Facebook has increased since 15 months ago.

74% of respondents said their Facebook budgets now include spend on Facebook ads, which has steadily increased from 62% in January 2012.

43% of respondents reported that their ROI on Facebook had “dramatically” or “somewhat” improved during the last six months and when asked to rank six online advertising sites in order of importance, Facebook ranked a close second to Google.

56% of respondents said outright that they expected their Facebook ad budgets to increase over the next year. 

Ad Age identifies that the importance of mobile is increasing with mobile now being the main accelerant of Facebook’s revenue growth with 41% of the Facebook’s ad revenue coming from advertising on mobile news feeds.

Since January 2012, the amount of people who said that marketing on Facebook’s mobile app was “very” or “somewhat” important, has increased with 75% said that marketing on Facebook’s mobile app was “very” or “somewhat” important, compared to 67% in January – an increase  of 8%

Interestingly, a 38% of respondents reported that ROI of Facebook’s mobile and desktop ads were “about the same.” (Thirty-five percent favored mobile’s performance, while 27% picked desktop’s.)


You can view the full survey results here.


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