Some of the biggest mistakes businesses can make when creating their social media strategy

Some of the biggest mistakes businesses can make when creating their social media strategy

No goals

Spend time setting a goal and then tailor your social strategy to achieve this. All too often businesses climb aboard the social media train to publicly showcase just how liked they are, with their fans and follower numbers. This is not important! Focus on and use social as another tool to achieve your business goals. Define and set a social strategy to get there, and execute.


Using social for the wrong reasons/ not taking it seriously

Even though its 2013, and we are deep in the evolution of social media thinking, many businesses continue to be clueless when it comes to using social media. Many treat it as a sideshow, and don’t invest nearly enough time, staff, as well thought into their content. It’s treated as a place to get likes, retweets and get your name said so you pop up across the internet more, rather than thinking about a long-term social strategy in line with your businesses goals.

Take it seriously, put thought behind your words and think long term. It’s never about the number of fans you have, or posts you make; it’s about how you use them.


All talk, but no listen – If you build it they will come

Many companies use social networks as just another channel to push their marketing messages but it’s about talking to the people and not at them. Really think about what social networks are – it’s networking and in order to network there needs to be two-way communication involved. It’s about meeting like-minded people; you all just didn’t end up in the one place without a common interest right? Instead of building relationships, build the community first.

When putting together your strategy, don’t just think about what status, tweets or images are going to produce the most like or shares. Yes you can incorporate this stuff to get the conversation started but that’s not what it’s all about. You need to continue to engage in the conversation. Listening, responding and engaging should still be the core of any social media strategy.


Clueless about whom & where their audiences are

So your target audiences are those aged 40-49, so you’ve set up an Instagram to connect with them.  Well, if you had done your research you would have known that only 4% of those aged 40-49 use Instagram compared to 91% who are using Facebook.

My point is, it’s not about joining all the big social networks, it’s about knowing where your target market is active and that’s where you can best reach them. In strategy think and who you want to reach and where to find them.



Wrong customer outlook

Social is not just about generating new traffic and fans it’s a new way to communicate and show you gratitude to the old, loyal ones. In most cases, social media is a much better loyalty and advocacy play than it is a customer acquisition vehicle. Instead of “how can we get new customers?” one of the best questions to ask when formulating a social media strategy is “what can we provide to current customers that will get them to buy more or convince their friends that we’re worthy of their time and attention?”


No team work 

We’ve said this before, but just in case you missed it we’ll tell you again. The biggest mistake and opportunity you are missing when you are creating a social media strategy is not utilising all departments and social employees. It’s not just the responsibility of the PR and marketing department to build relationships with customers therefore do not limit a social media strategy to one department, it’s a team effort.

We get feedback on every aspect of our business in an instant – and oftentimes that feedback spans many departments. In order to create a better customer experience, silos need to come down and departments need to work more collaboratively with one another.

If you are unsure, here are some ways you can fix this problem.




Overall when creating your next social strategy think long term, set goals, know your audience, work as a team and do not take yourself too seriously.

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