Facebook Hashtag #Fail

Facebook Hashtag #Fail

Hashtags have become the native language of social media. A simple, symbol that boosts your posts exposure, introduces you to trending topics and allows you join in real-time conversations.  No longer does the cringe worthy episodes of The Bachelor have to be a topic saved to discuss the next day at work, you can debrief about it with other fans on social media straight away using a hashtag.

Many people were already ending their Facebook posts in hash tags, even though it was doing absolutely nothing (fools), and after the official roll out of Facebook hashtag feature in June this year, guess what? It still does absolutely nothing for you!


Yes, you read right!

New data released Tuesday by Facebook analytics service EdgeRank Checker shows that Facebook hashtags reportedly do zilch, zero, nada, for the social network – no extra exposure, no viral reach, nothing!

The results found that…

  • Less viral reach than posts without hashtags
  • Engagement per fan was down for posts with a hashtag
  • Organic reach decreases when using a hashtag

Compared to Twitter, where hashtags actually boost your posts exposure, on Facebook they do nothing for you and you’ll more likely boost exposure without a hashtag than with one. 

“The data shows that posts that didn’t include a hashtag performed better than posts with hashtags… posts with hashtags don’t increase viral reach,” EdgeRank wrote in a blog post.

Twitter hashtag VS. Facebook hashtag

So how does Facebook’s hashtags compare to Twitter’s hashtags.

EdgeRank analysed Facebook hashtags by looking at more than 500 Pages in July 2013. Within these Pages, they found that there were more than 35,000 posts, of which more than 6,000 had hashtags. To get the metrics, EdgeRank averaged each Page’s performance with and without hashtags. No matter how EdgeRank tallied the data — such as based on how many fans a user had, time of posting, and consistency of hashtag use – the results still showed that Facebook hashtags did nothing for their users.

EdgeRank then compared this to Twitter’s hashtags and found on Twitter, hashtags roughly doubled the likelihood of a post being retweeted with over 70 percent of the brands experienced an increase in RT’s when using a hashtag versus not using one.

You lose this round Facebook!

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