6 steps to follow to help you execute your marketing strategy

So you’ve completed your marketing social strategy, you have set your goals and you know who your target audience are, and where they are. So what do you do next?


6 steps to follow to help you execute your marketing strategy:

1. Set aside a time each day to tweak your strategy 

The more effort you put in, the more you will get out of your strategy. Your marketing/ social media team should continuously monitor your social media everyday, measuring engagement, communicating/ responding, posting and analysing.


2. Develop a content plan for (at least) the next 2 months

You know who and where your audience are, so next develop a content plan for the next 2 calendar months that sets out a plan of when you will be posting and what you will be posting each day of the next couple of months.

A content plan provides a great overview of the topics that will be communicated and the schedule of your posts. The content plan should be in line with other areas of your business, so for example if the sales team have a special offer/ or new product coming that day, add that to your content plan on the same day. Also promote blog posts on the same day in which they will be published.

Don’t be afraid to edit the content plan to include current events like Miley Cyrus’s tongue waging twerking (her tongue, not ours) and K-Rudd putting a Q&A audience member in his place on the topic of gay marriage! Current events encourage engagement, so better to post about it sooner rather then later (when people will have forgotten about it).


 3. You’re so vain, you probably think this blog is about you – Follow the 10-4-1 rule

An easy way to avoid talking about yourself all the time (which a lot of us love to do) is to follow the 10-4-1 rule. For every 15 social media posts, 1 should be a link to one of your landing pages, 4 should be links to your blog posts and 10 should be helpful content from other sources. Follow this rule and you’ll get a good mix engaging content & promotions but without the door-to-door salesmen approach.

As easy as 10-4-1!


4. Sharing is caring

Social media after all is a place to share with others, therefore make it easy for your audience to follow you. To do this, feature a ‘Follow us on..’ button on your website as well as in your email signature and any other marketing material.


5. Follow your fans 

They follow you, show them some love and follow them back. By following customers and other businesses (not your enemy competitors) on social media you can get a better idea of what they are talking about and what interests them, therefore giving you better content material to engage your audience.


6. Review the figures and adjust plan accordingly  

Rewview your Key Performance Indicators AKA KPIs, every month to see what’s working well and what isn’t. Some of the KPIs to monitor include:

  • leads generated by social media network
  • customers produced by social media network
  • new followers/likes by social media network
  • social media mentions
  • shares/retweets by social media network
  • blog posts published and views/comments/shares by blog article

This data will help you determine which social media networks/ content subjects are working best for your business, therefore you plan your next content plan around this info.



Still unsure of where to start? Contact FRANk Media for a bit of fairy godmother guidance! 


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