3 ways your business can generate leads on social media

3 ways your business can generate leads on social media

If you are currently using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc, you are on the right track, however it takes more than creating a profile to reel your audience in. We tell you 3 simple & easy to use ways that your business can generate more leads through social media.


1. Google+ Hangouts

We gave you the run down on Google Hangouts and how it works back in May when Google+ unveiled their new design. If you missed it, not to worry just click here.

Google Hangouts present a great opportunity for businesses to interact in real time with their audience. With this innovative technology readily available, consider hosting a hangout that focuses on your offerings as a business. This will demonstrate to your audience your unique value as well as putting a human face to your business.


The types of hangouts that are beneficial for lead generation are:

– Customer service sessions
– Interviews with experts and leaders (within or outside of your business)
– Giveaways and contests
– Product demos

Many brands are already experimenting with Google Hangouts having hosted many successful Hangouts. Some of these brands include…

Asos – Offered free live styling advice to their audience which is a great way of giving something back to its customers, with the obvious benefit of encouraging them to stock up on ASOS clothes to complete their look.

Glamour Magazine – Used Google Hangout to sell sponsorship’s as well as featuring each sponsor’s products during the event.

Cadbury – Have hosted many hangouts, one which celebrated reaching 500,000 followers, another featuring a Q&A with Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington and one of the most interesting examples was its Tasters Circle Hangout in which invited members of the Cadbury Taster group to chat with a Cadbury product developer, commented on their own chocolate preferences, and sampled various Cadbury products live.


Tips for your hangout:

–  Set a goal: What are you wanting to achieve from this hangout and how do you plan to connect with your audience before, during and after the event.

– Offer value and use a strong call to actions through the Hangout: There should be something to entice your audience to participate in your hangout.

–  Add links: To the products or services discussed in the hangout

–  Record the hangout: Post it online later and be sure to share it on all your social networks as well as website.



2. Twitter Chats

If you didn’t already know, Twitter chats are frequently scheduled discussions hosted by a Twitter account. Each chat uses a particular #hashtag, so that other Twitter users can join in and follow the conversation.

Your business can get involved in Twitter chats by either hosting their own Twitter chat or by joining an existing chat that’s related to your industry.

Twitter chats are a great place to generate leads as the discussions you get involved in will have participants in it that are/ or are related to your audience therefore gaining visibility to the right people and generating leads.


Tips for using Twitter chat:

– Have an idea of who the other participants are.

– Follow individuals who could be potential customers down the line and keep tabs on any of their conversations that relate to your services as well as maintaining a relationship with them.

– Don’t just spam tweets about your business offerings. Know the right time to make a plug and keep engaged and participating in the conversation.



3. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are made up of a variety of subject areas, bringing together professionals of similar interests to discuss topics that relate to business. You can find potential leads by creating your own LinkedIn group or joining an existing one relevant to your business.

Just the same as twitter chat works, join in discussions, connect with new people and work on building your audience. A way to get started is to browse the directory of groups. From there join the discussions, connect with existing members and begin consistently posting either interesting content, answering questions or providing resources. In other words make your business known.



Tips for using LinkedIn Groups:

– Have an idea of who the group members are, particularly those who engage frequently.

– Answer questions that are in relation to your business as well as members who generally need help

– Don’t shy away, be public with your engagement and then when the conversation develops into more personal territory follow up privately using the ‘Reply Privately’ feature.

– Any private conversation is a lead, be sure to follow up with the member.


How are you using social media to drive leads for your business? What social media channels have you found most successful for generating leads?

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