Introducing Instagram Video!

A new addition, which we all saw coming, Facebook last week introduced to the world video on Instagram!

Of course, It wouldn’t be an introduction without a feel good video that explains nothing to go with it (see below).


CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom has described it as, “Everything we love about Instagram, but it moves,”. This decision comes from the exponential growth since the app launched in 2010 with now 130 million users every month and 1 billion likes a day.

So what can you expect to see?

Instagram have revealed that the app will now allow you to not only take pictures but record a video for up to 15 seconds. Why 15 seconds you ask? Well based on a mixture of customer research, 15 seconds showed to be about the time you have to engage your audience before you lose their interest. Plus can you imagine how many unfunny drunk videos Instagram would get if there wasn’t a time limit?!

Will there be filters? Yes, there will be plenty of filters for you to choose from, however there are now two news ways in which you can filter.

1) Instagram have partnered with a video artist to create 13 custom filters (all new names) to place over the videos

2) Instagram have also teamed up with the world’s leading video scientists in order to turn shaky videos into ‘cinema’. To take everyday content and make it beautiful is clearly still a main ambition for Instagram.

Another new functionality is that you can also select the frame you want to be the cover frame in the feed once you’ve recorded your video. The only real difference between knowing if the content is an image or a video is the little camera image in the top right hand side of the image.

So what does video on Instagram mean for you?

Well for us everyday users, instead of just taking a photo of our meals, we can now actually film yourself devouring it (well for at least the first 15 seconds).

As for brands, Instagram video presents a new opportunity to explore in content rich social strategies. With Facebook revealing their new hashtag feature early this week, plus this new addition to Instagram, the way in which Brands can listen and engage with consumers has significantly extended.

We now have an opportunity to delve into a much a wider territory relating to our brands and competitors. We are now able to track user trends and habits, team up with leading artists with influential followings on Instagram and find ways to connect with our audiences through not just stunning imagery but incredibly shareable short-form video. Instagram have just created a situation where users will be tempted to over-share moments of their lives that little bit more. It’ll be interesting to monitor this behavioural shift of consumers increasingly becoming creators.

Brands have already been quick to jump on the bandwagon, with Burberry and Lululemon part of an exclusive launch group which posted videos while the official launch was still ongoing. Other large brands such as Nike, Jamie Oliver and the greatest band (or at least that’s my opinion) Foo Fighters have also climbed aboard.
It should come as no surprise that brands are quick to get involved: 5 million clips were uploaded to Instagram Video in its first 24 hours. It will be interesting to see how brands adapt to the launch of Instagram Video – and how much this list of the top 50 brands on Instagram changes and the number of Instragram users in the social media stats of Australia. 
So what do you think of Instagram’s new video feature? Has anyone tried it out yet? If so, we would like to watch your 15 seconds of filtered fame.
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