Facebook Updates its Ads to Simplify Ads Offering

Over the next coming months, Facebook is set to make changes to its ads offering which will impact those who use the social platform to advertise. The plan is to simplify and streamline the number as well as types of adverts available. The objective of this is to improve efficiency, eliminate repetition, and give it a more consistent look and feel.


Overall these changes, which will reduce the number of ad types from 27 to fewer than half that amount, and are expected to happen gradually over the next 6 months. This should improve the ad process so buyers can concentrate on the type of advertising they want to do versus the kind of ad they need to buy to. The move is expected to contribute to the growth of Facebook’s ad revenues to $5.6 billion this year, with roughly $1.5 billion coming from mobile.

So what are the changes?

One of the biggest changes you may notice is that in relation to ‘Sponsored Stories’. This will remain but will be incorporated into new ‘social context ads’.  In the land before time aka Facebook before,  advertisers had to create two sets of ads: sponsored stories and a standard ad, in order to get noticed, but in combining these two features, advertisers simply buy an ad and Facebook will automatically add social context so there isn’t a need for a sponsored story.

Here are the updates Facebook mentioned on their blog:

  • Eliminate redundancies:  Many ad units accomplish the same goals, so we’re cutting out these redundancies. This includes removing the Questions product for Pages because marketers can simply ask a question in a post and get answers in comments.
  • Include the best of sponsored stories in all ads: Previously, to get the best social context available, advertisers had to purchase sponsored stories in addition to ads. In the future, for example, when you create a Page post photo ad, we will automatically add social context to boost performance and eliminate the extra step of creating sponsored stories.
  • Make ad units look more consistent:We want to have a more consistent visual display of our ads across all marketer objectives and Facebook placements. This will reduce the number of ad formats and make the ad creation process much simpler for advertisers who run multiple campaigns or want to test which ad creative performs the best.


As a advertiser on Facebook, how do you feel about the above changes? Are there any other changes you would’ve liked to see?

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