How, When, Where & Why Australian’s are Accessing Social Media: Sensis Report 2013 – Part 1/3

Sensis have released their 2013 social media report and it is JAM PACKED with so much vital information that I have had to split it up into three different posts for you!

My posts will focus on stats and facts about…

You are now entering part I of III where the focus today will feature a statistical analysis of how, when & where Australian’s are accessing social media. Not only interesting to us everyday social media users but also holds key information for businesses to better understand Australian’s social media behaviors.

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How Australians are using social media

Frequency of social media use:

In 2013 45% answered that they used social media once a day, up from 36% in 2012.  With 17% of Australians using social media up to 5 times a day.

Time spent on social media:

On average, Facebook users spend around 18 minutes on the site each time they access it, which was the same result in 2012. If the average time spent is multiplied by the average number of usage occasions, the typical user would spend more than 7 hours per week on the site, an additional hour a week compared to last year. LinkedIn, Twitter and MySpace users tend to spend less time when logged on to these sites, averaging around 9 to 10 minutes per visit respectively.


Time of day people are accessing social media: 

37% of Australians access social media first thing in the morning and 42% just before bed. The evening, 6:30pm on wards was the most popular time for Australian’s to be accessing social media, with 53% reporting using it after work. Females were more likely to use social media first thing in the morning and last thing before bed, while men were more likely than women to access social media during work and after work/in the evening.

What social media sites are people using:

  • Facebook continues to dominate as the most popular social media site, being used by 95% of social media
  • networking participants, down slightly from 97% last year. Facebook is used by a slightly higher proportion of
  • female users with strong usage by those in their 20s and 30s.
  • LinkedIn was the next most popular platform, being used by 20% of social media users, up from 16% last year. LinkedIn usage was higher amongst men.
  • Instagram usage was strongest amongst the younger age demographics, with usage dropping significantly for those over 30.
  • Twitter was used by 15% of social media users, up from 14% last year, and
  • Google+ was used by 15%, up from 8%, with usage higher amongst older Australians.
  • Pinterest usage, at 7% of social media users, was mainly restricted to female-users.


What devices are people using to access social media:

Smartphones are the most popular device to access social media. The number of social users accessing sites on their smartphone has grown from 53% in 2012 to 67% this year. Mobile devices were the most popular in every age category under 50, with desktop computers still being the main device for social media for those aged over 50.

Laptop access has declined since 2011 69%  to 64% this year. Using a desktop computer to access social media also
fell from 54% last year to 46% this year.

Tablet usage has significantly increased from 18% last year to 35% this year.

How mobile users access social media:

Accessing through the social media platform’s mobile application was the most popular means of access, with 69% of users using the app, compared to only 19% that used the website and 12% that used both the app and the website to access their social media platforms.

Places where people are using social media:

96% of Australian’s are tweeting, poking and linking in at their home. Often from the living room (66%), study (36%) and even the bathroom (6%). Both genders were equally likely to browse social media in the bedroom, however males (9% of) were more than twice as likely to report accessing social media in the toilet that females (4%) – Why does that not surprise me?

34% of users access sites at work which is up from 30% in 2012 and 22% in 2011 (don’t let your boss read that)

Increases in the proportion of those that access social media on public transport, restaurants, bars and parties, at sporting events, in the car and at school.

Reasons for using social media:

The most common reason nominated for using social media is ‘catching up with friends or family’ 94%.

Photo or video sharing remains the second highest use 47%

While a high proportion also uses social media to…

  • Coordinate shared activities 29%
  • Find out about entertainment events 24%
  • Find information on news and current affairs 29%

Using social media to follow brands and businesses and researching products or services you might want to buy
were the top commercial uses, 20%


Now this is only part I of a III part series so be sure to read our other blog post’s on How Australian businesses are using social media and How social media users are interacting with brands and business on social media. 

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