How Social Media users are Interacting with Brands and Business on Social Media: Sensis Report 2013 – Part 3/3

Now if you are here I presume you have read part I & II of this epic 3 part blog post!

If not, here is what’s going on.

Sensis have released their 2013 social media report and it is JAM PACKED with so much vital information that I have had to split it up into three different posts for you!

My posts will focus on stats and facts about…

You are now entering part III of III where the focus today will feature a statistical analysis of how Australian social users are interacting with brands/ businesses on social media. Not only interesting to us everyday social media users but also holds key information for businesses to better understand Australian’s social media behaviors and what they want to see from your brand on social.

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How Social Media users are interacting with brands and business on social media

Types of products or services researched on social media:


How was the research conducted:


Research on social media leading to a purchase:

Proportion of social media users who follow brands or businesses:

35% of social media users follow social media networking groups associated with businesses or brands.

There is little difference between genders and the likelihood of following a social media networking group associated
with a brand, however younger users are more likely to follow brands, with 14-19 year old’s are the most avid
followers in this category.

Metropolitan social media users were more likely to follow brands than those living in regional areas.

What consumers want from businesses they follow:

Types of brands/ businesses followed on Facebook:

Types of brands/ businesses followed on Twitter:

Online Ratings:

72% of social media users have given up to 10 online ratings this year

15% of social media users have given 11-20 online ratings this year


Types of products and services users are rating:


Online Review’s:

66% of social media users read up to 5 reviews before making a purchase decision

23% of social media users read between 6-10 reviews before making a purchase decision

On average, social media users read 4 reviews/ blogs before making a purchase decision


Number of reviews provided last year:

65% of social media users have given up to 5 online reviews/ blogs this year

11% of social media users have given 6-10 online ratings this year

On average, , social media users have posted 9 reviews/ blogs before 


Types of products and services users are reviewing or blogging about:


Effect of business response to feedback in social media:

Now this is only part III of a III part series so be sure to read our other blog post’s on How, when & where & why Australian’s are accessing social media and How Australian businesses are using social media. 

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