How Australian Businesses are Using Social Media: Sensis Report 2013 – Part 2/3

Sensis have released their 2013 social media report and it is JAM PACKED with so much vital information that I have had to split it up into three different posts for you!

My posts will focus on stats and facts about…

You are now entering part II of III where the focus today will feature a statistical analysis of how Australian’s businesses (big & small) are using social media.

How does your company weigh up against these stats? Don’t be afraid to comment below and share your thoughts.

How Australian businesses are using social media

Proportion of businesses that have a social media presence:


Which social media sites are businesses using: 









Why are businesses using social media:

How often businesses update their social media:

Large businesses were much more likely to update their social media at least on a day, with the proportion
doing this increasing by five percentage points over the past year.

The proportion of both small and medium businesses that updated their social media daily has decreased slightly since last year, and while daily updates were still the most popular for medium businesses, small businesses were most likely to update their social media on a weekly basis.












































How businesses drive traffic to their social media: 

Over seven in ten small businesses have some form of strategy to drive people to their social media presence – most often a link on their website.

Over three-quarters of medium businesses have a strategy – again, website links play the most significant part.

For large businesses, 91% have a strategy to drive traffic to their social media site – with website links used by over half.

How businesses measure the success of their social investment:

The proportion of businesses that measure the return on investment for social media

Small – 25%           Medium – 28%         Large – 51%


How businesses measure social media ROI

 Measures businesses use to report on social success

Now this is only part II of a III part series so be sure to read our other blog post’s on How, when, where & why Australian’s are accessing social media and How users are interacting with brands and business on social media. 

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