What is Facebook EdgeRank and why is it important to you?!

There is something important you need to know about the wiring of Facebook. In some cases your Facebook brand page isn’t attracting consumers and 96% of fans do not return to your page after their initial ‘Like’, which is unfortunate.

So then where is the best place on Facebook to reach consumers? Well NewsFeed!

With 11,489,380 Australian Facebook users in April 2013 and 1.06 billion active users worldwide it’s no surprise that one can spend more than a quarter of their time on the social networking site, scrolling through news feeds viewing countless photos of your drunken antics over the weekend and bathroom ‘selfies’ (I hope not!).  On NewsFeed your post is 40-150x more likely to reach your fans than through your page!

Although your brand may be embracing the social world there are still many features and strategies to learn in order to really make your social marketing effective.  One of them is EdgeRank.

EdgeRank is the algorithm used by Facebook to determine the most screen-worthy content. Three factors, multiplied together, determine your content’s value: affinity, weight and time. The affinity score is based on how often a fan has engaged with your brand content in the past, including page visits. Weight, or popularity, is determined by the type and quantity of engagement your post receives (e.g. Likes, comments). Lastly, time and the decay of your post matters; as your content ages and engagement wanes, it becomes less relevant and therefore less likely to appear in a user’s news feed.

Whether you’re a brand or an average user, it’s helpful to understand what shows up in your News Feed and why. Check out the infographic below, courtesy of Post Rocket, to educate yourself on EdgeRank.

Still don’t quite understand? That’s okay. Here is another infographic by Post Rocket which shows you exactly how EdgeRank words, by using the infamous Gotham City characters.


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