8 Steps to Successfully Manage your Social Media Presence

8 Steps to help you successfully manage your social media presence 


1. Start by listening & learning:

Follow and observe the people & brands on social networks. Listen and learn from others already using these networks. This will give a brief understanding of what works and what doesn’t.


2. Have a plan/strategy in place:

We have told you many times before, have a strategy plan so you don’t get lost and caught up in the craziness of social networking. You plan other things in your life in order to achieve a positive result so why wouldn’t you do the same thing on social networks. As a business you should be able to answer the following.

  • What are my goals for social media? Is it to create awareness of a product? Grow customer database? Improve customer relationships?
  • Where does social fit in with my business objectives? A good social media marketing plan must be aligned with your business goals and objectives. Is investing in social going to help you expand on these business goals? Will it help you connect with customers? Will it help you make more money?
  • How do I define social media success? What are you going to measure? Are you happy with gathering more followers or are you aiming at engagement? It is examining sales figures after using social?
  • Who is going to manage my social media? Do they have enough time to devote to it? Do they have a good understanding of it?
  • Who is my target audience? Researching your audience is key.



3. Research your audience:

Clearly define who your audience is, as understanding your audience will help you plan your content and long term social media strategy.


  • Are they male or female?
  • How old are they?
  • Why are they interested in your brand/ product?
  • What topics would interest your audience?
  • What are their likes & dislikes?
  • What sort of content does this demographic most like to consume – text, photos, and videos?
  • Which social networks are most appropriate for your target audience? 

4. Research your competitors:

You know the saying, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” the same rule applies in social media.  Know what your competitors are doing so you know what you are competing against.

  • Do your competitors have a social presence?
  • How many followers do they have?
  • What sort of content are the posting?
  • Are their followers interacting with them or is their content not being well received? 

5. Focus on one tool at a time:

Don’t overwhelm yourself by juggling several different social network accounts all at once. Focus on one (preferably where your target audience lurks), get to understand that and when ready try others.


6. Plan your content:

Put together a content plan calendar for the next 6 months or even just next couple of months. Organisation is key. When doing so keep in mind the following.

  • Keep your audience in mind at all times.
  • Post content that is interesting and relevant.
  • Post consistently to drive more engagement.
  • Research times and post at times your audience is more likely to engage.
  • Post content relevant for the social network.

7. Show up to your own party, and don’t be tardy:

Spend time on your page, mingle and get to know your guests better. Be the life of the party; make engaging comments (posts) so that your party guests will return and even share their experiences with others. Be a great host and entertainer by keeping up consistent engagement that is of interest to your audience as this will help your brand’s success. Remember; let the party guests talk too, it’s not all about you anymore!

Social media is at least 80% give and 20% take – be sure not to get them mixed up.


8. And the results are in:

You need to review results in order to analyse whether your marketing is working. One we recommend is Google analytics.


You wouldn’t open up a shop without letting everyone know you have arrived, right? So apply the same techniques to social media and get your presence known, reel in your audience and keep your customers returning through your great people skills and your service.

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