Volkswagen Innovative YouTube Video Ad

I for one hate car ads! I’m sick of seeing 4wheel drives, driving over mountains, across rivers and desert landscapes. I drive my car on normal roads, in normal areas so I really don’t care for those commercials.

However some car commercials this year don’t bother me so much and are actually quite creative. The Hyundai Ad is one of them I always stop to watch and I have to say Volkswagen have been doing some rather entertaining advertising as well. Now I don’t say that  just because I am a proud owner of a Volkswagen but because they are actually thinking outside the box and no longer do we see Volkswagen cars driving up mountain cliffs, hurrah! 

Here is something a little bit different Volkswagen have done:

Check out this new YouTube video by Volkswagen. The objective of this ad is to promote the side assist feature, which warns the driver of any incoming danger before they might actually see it. So Volkswagen created a YouTube video that does just that! The video prompts the viewer to place their mouse pointer over at a certain point, showing a image of whats to come. The idea is that seeing the preview of the video alerts you to what’s going to happen later, which is exactly what side assist does.

You’ve got to play along in order to get the full affect of the ad
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