How Social Media is Replacing Traditional Journalism: Infographic

How Social Media is Replacing Traditional Journalism

We already knew that social media was taking over, but here’s a fancy, entertaining infographic to show you how social media is replacing traditional journalism.

The infographic below reveals how social media has developed everyday news into a social beast, which is what journalists always wanted it– a channel with broad reach and instant broadcast. However, the most innovative enhancement social media has bought to news (that traditional couldn’t) is that rather than people just consuming news, they now have the ability to react, share, discuss and respond to the news.

So goodbye SBS and newspapers. According to this people would much rather hear their news from Facebook & Twitter – no matter how unreliable it might be!


Where do you get most of your world news from? Do you trust social media to provide you with trustworthy, factual, unbiased news? 




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