5 Things You May be Doing Wrong on Social Media Sites

 5 Things You May be Doing Wrong on Social Media 

Yes we are all guilty of a few hiccups on our social media sites but if it makes you feel any better if you aren’t making these mistakes, you aren’t really experimenting and learning anything. So don’t feel bad if you can identify with the below, its means you are already one step ahead of your competitors.

Below are five common mistakes businesses (big & small) are making on social media sites 


It’s not about the size of the fans; it’s how you use them: 

Many enter social media with the objective that the more fans, followers and likes they get, then the more successful their brand is. Wrongo!

The reality of this situation is that no matter how large your social footprint is, if people aren’t talking about your content, sharing posts, tweets, LinkedIn posts, YouTube videos, you name it then you aren’t really utilising your brand message on social media sites.

Brands that are getting this right, use and monitor several other components rather than just fan number. Watch for such things like brand sentiment, engagement of fans (comments, who’s sharing & liking what etc.), quality of promptness of customer service resolution (a very essential element). Social media goes beyond your fan base but more your relationship and interactions with these fans, and vice versa. You can read more about building customer loyalty on through social media here.


Too Many Channels and/or Sub-branded Pages:

Okay so I’ve got a Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Blog, Instagram, Tumblr & a MySpace page so I’m all set right? Well no.

Being across all social media sites is not always the best things for your brand as you may be stretching yourself a bit thin. With too many pages it can become too much to juggle and your posts & responses may become very inconsistent. Instead of leap frogging across to every platform, selected a few and really put in the effort to keeping those platforms fresh, engaging and interactive. By focusing on a selective few channels you will find you have the better resource and knowledge of that social media site, the language, the fans, the trends, and you’ll find your brand will more likely perform better. Fans/followers don’t want to see the same content posted across 10 different sites!


Boring Non-Conversational Conversations: 

Do you ever sometimes get stuck at a party with a person who will just not stop talking about themselves? And it’s so boring but you don’t want to be rude so you just stand there with a smile just cursing the person in your head, your eyes ever so often wandering trying to find something or someone to help you escape this person. Well people experience that exact feeling on social media but instead they don’t have to stick around and smile, instead one simple click of ‘unlike’ or ‘unfollow’ and you’ve lost your audience.

Basically what I am trying to say is stop talking about yourself and your brand all the time! It’s boring and people don’t like it and it does not do you any favors  Now I understand you want to sell your products and services but unless you have genuine news or product offers, brands should focus on being interesting and interested in their social channels.

One way to mix things up a bit and become more sociable is start conversations with your followers, respond to comments and ask questions. Make them feel like you are interested in what they have to say and not just them buying what you are selling. In order to create interesting content, you will really need to know your target (something that is increasingly easier with Facebook analytic’s platforms) so observe what’s going on –  on your pages and others and research understand the language, wants and needs of your audience.


Spread the love – Don’t isolate social to one department:

Many think social media is just for the marketing department, just like customer service is just for the sales department. This is an old fashioned approach and by isolating social to one department you are limiting the multi-functional role that it can play for an organisation. A business is a team who work together and everyone needs to be across and represent all facets of the brand.

Businesses need to apply an integrated approach which involves a cohesive strategy with the use of all marketing tactics (web and email marketing, print advertising, social media, sales collateral and websites, direct marketing, event marketing, PR, SEO etc – all of which are connected to social media). Since most business reaches it’s customers through a variety of sales and marketing initiatives, it makes sense that all marketing efforts be planned and coordinated to achieve synergy.

Promote synergy – like a boss!


Make a plan and stick to it – Social media map:

It can be fun travelling down a road you’ve never been on before. Enjoying the open road, the freedom to take any turn you want, all the while hoping you’ll eventually find your way back. However there can be hazards along the way to the unknown. Same goes for entering the social media freeway. You need to establish a path for your company’s social media strategy so not to get lost and caught up in the road signs. This plan should detail objectives to achieve, editorial calendar, process plan for customer complaints and a map to determine staffing needs. A plan is also effective in establishing any funds that will be required for certain social media campaigns. 


What do you think of the above mistakes? Are you guilty of making a few, if so what did you learn and how did you change this?

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