Facebook Launches Unpublished Page Posts- How Brands Can Use It

Facebook launches Unpublished page posts

Well tell you what this is and what it means to advertisers & Facebook users.

Facebook’s focus at the end of March showed a shift and focus on features for brands and advertising (about time some may say). Continuing their trend of improving target markets since the Lookalike Audience feature, this time Facebook are looking to improve the relevancy of ads within it’s News Feed.


Facebook has now given advertisers new option to create unpublished posts that run as page post ads in News Feed enabling advertisers to show more relevant content to users. Unpublished posts run more relevant ads in Facebook’s News Feed by giving advertisers the option to create unpublished posts that deliberately does not appear to all fans on their page. In the past this feature was only available for Facebook ads as the nature of News Feed meant a page was required to first create posts that could appear to fans. That was until last week…

A Page Post (which includes photos, videos, status updates & link shares) can be:

  • Unpublished – not shown to a user or on the Page’s timeline but can be promoted
  • Scheduled”- to be published at a later time


Unpublished posts allow advertisers to reach users in News Feed without bombarding people with different posts, offers and advertisements, some of which are not even relevant to specific users. Let’s say for example, a bar in Melbourne could make an unpublished post about a rock band playing at their venue and only show that to fans who are interested in rock music, and then do the same for an indie band, folk band, mariachi band, BOY BANDS – okay now I am just getting carried away but you get the point. Works the same way with products, make an unpublished post about a baseball bat to those interested in baseball, and a cricket bat to cricket fans.

AdParlor, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer found that unpublished post ads had initial success, with 0.87% click-through rate compared to organic post ads with a CTR of 0.30 percent. By running unpublished posts as page posts ads in News Feed, businesses can show relevant content to relevant audiences. A service could show longtime users one version of an ad, new users another, and leads yet another. Advertising can be more tailored and customised to specific Facebook users and instead of turning off an audience with advertising, they can engage and entice them.

To get a more technological understanding of unpublished and other Facebook page posts click here.

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