How People Use Twitter: Brandwatch Report

Brandwatch have produced a report that highlights some interesting findings about how people are currently using Twitter.

This study was conducted in late 2012 and uses data complied from over 10,000 randomly selected tweets from a two month period. This report was put together to assist businesses to understand and embrace Twitter as a communication channel. Also recommends how businesses can use Twitter to their advantage.

Some Key Findings:

  • TV/Film, Sport and Music are the most popular topics of Twitter conversation – Shows promoting a hashtag get tweeted 63% more
  • 3.6% of all tweets mention brands – more than the number discussing music or celebrities. Amounting to 12,600 tweets per minute!
  • Females tweeters are more likely to tweet about personal matters
  • Males complain more frequently, while females talk about purchase experiences and enter competitions more.
  • Feedback on advertisements, particularly TV-based, is a regular theme for tweeters.

Female authors were 25% more likely to retweet  but replies were 18% more often by males

  • 4 out of every 5 tweets were classified as personal. Many of these included mentions of birthdays, proverbs, horoscopes and dieting
  • Authors mentioning brands were significantly more likely to also include work or education in their tweets than authors who didn’t mention brands, and less likely to comment on sport, music and television.
Male dominated topics are: Sport, Gaming, News & Politics
Female dominated topics are: Television, Work, Education & Music
…No surprises there…


Recommendations for your business:

Twitter is a significant source of opinion and experience about brands – it needs to be analysed, understood and acted upon accordingly.

Engage with Twitter in a similar manner to your audience in order to maximise authenticity and develop a human persona – followers don’t want scripted robot. This can be achieved by commenting and taking part in big cultural events and, where appropriate, talk personally, about experiences and immediate surroundings.

Clear differences in the behaviour of males and females should be accounted for when running campaigns and measuring brand performance on Twitter.

Do these results surprise you? How do you use Twitter?
You can download the full report here.
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