Facebook Announces New Look for News Feed

Facebook has unveiled a new look for their News Feed across its mobile and desktop, creating new experiences and giving the user more control over what they see. Some say this is the most significant change to Facebook since the introduction of the ‘Timeline’ in 2011.

Some of the changes you can expect to see are…

De-Clutter – A more visually aesthetically pleasing experience, with large images for everything from photo uploads to article previews and checkins. This replaced the old layout which the network believes created clutter on the news feed. Also introduced to reduce clutter is more white space to make reading easier and for content to stand out.

Multiple News Feeds – Want to see just the photos your friends have uploaded? Or updates from the celebrities you follow? Well rather than sifting through your News Feed to obtain this information users will now have access to a number of different versions of News Feed that can be category-specific (such as photos, music, groups as well as different friends lists). This allows users greater control over the stories they see.

New Side Bar – The side bar on the left hand side of your screen will be revamped and replaced with a sleeker black bar with visual icons for bookmarks, such as messages chat and events.


Behind the Re-Design


What does this mean for brands on Facebook?

Advertisers and brands have not leaped for joy over the new, news feed but rather the overhaul has created some concerns for marketing. As Facebook naturally develops a more focus on users experience over advertising brands fear becoming invisible.

First concern is that the number and type of feeds will affect the way in which users receive branded content. As users gain more control over their profile and what they see, this will make it easier for Facebook users to avoid posts from brand pages people have “liked”. This alienates companies that have invested in building followings at Facebook pages.

The other concern is Facebook advertising as there was no mention in the initial announcement of how adverts will appear in the new feeds. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company has yet to determine how it wants to handle ads in new feeds. Brands anxiously await any changes that may impact them.



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