Pheed Becomes Number #1 Social App for iOS – But What is Pheed?!

Yes, you read right! Last month Pheed overtook Facebook and Twitter and became the #1 free app in Apple’s App Store under the ‘Social Networking’ category.


Pheed has social teenagers to thank for this as it was reported that teenagers with large Twitter and Instagram followings discovered the app, tweeted about it which then resulted in  an explosion of downloads. But don’t get discouraged, its not just another teenager social networking site. Those who have also joined the Pheed bandwagon are many celebrities and creative folk who want to share their talent.

But what is Pheed and what’s so good about it?

What is Pheed?

For those a bit behind, Pheed launched its website in October and app in mid November 2012 and is essentially another free social media platform. Pheed allows users to create, inspire and share content such as text, photos, videos, audio, voice-recording, live broadcasts – any size, any time –  your name it, Pheed will let you upload & share it!

Pheed market themselves as – “A new way to express yourself” and users have as much freedom and space to do this.

It’s definitely one of the social networks to keep your eye on this year!

What sets Pheed apart from the rest?

Great question! Although founder O.D. Kobo was inspired by Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram it does have its qualities that sets it apart from the rest, otherwise it wouldn’t be number one.

  • As mention above, Pheed offers users a way to create and share a wide range of content and while other social networks offer the same, they do not offer it all where as Pheed does –  1 point to Pheed, other social networks 0
  • Users have and always will have ownership of content uploaded – 2 points Pheed, other social networks 0
  • Protect your creativity – If we are going to get creative, we will want to protect our creations. Pheed offer interesting features such a watermarking images and also having the option to charge other users to view their content. Users select their own pricing (charge can be $1.99 to $34.99 per view, or $1.99 to $34.99 per month) and proceeds are split with Pheed. 3 points Pheed, other social networks 0…you do the math




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Are you using Pheed? How do you think Pheed compares to other social networking sites? Does it deserve to be number one?

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