Getting Started with The New Myspace

Myspace for Dummies: How to get started with the new Myspace and whether businesses and brands should sign up

So I’m sure you are already well aware that Myspace has launched their new design and social media fanatics are flocking to check this out. If you did not know this, than I strongly recommend you read our blog post which explains all about Myspace’s new design.

So the ‘new’ Myspace is here but is this enough to revamp the old social media veteran and bring it back into the social light? Is it worth signing up for?

Let’s talk about what you need to know when signing up and give you a better understanding of the layout. We’ll also touch briefly on how to approach this as a business.

Where do you belong on the new Myspace?

While most of Myspace’s marketing to date has been focused on the entertainment industry (particularly the music industry), the new Myspace asks users signing up  to identify themselves with specific roles.

If signing up your business you will find it should fit into at least one of these roles, if not more, especially since ‘Brand’ is one of the options. Be sure to select your categories carefully, as Myspace will probably differentiate between account types in the future. Don’t worry – you can always change these selections later by simply going into your account settings.


Setting up your Profile:

The new Myspace has made signing up a walk in the park (compared to previously). To start with, you enter your basic information to create your account or connect with Facebook, Twitter our your previous ancient Myspace account.

From here you can then add a photo and a short bio


When you click the ‘Take Me to Myspace’ button, you’re taken to your Myspace homepage (also known as your stream).

You’ll see your basic profile information with a small pencil icon at the top right. Click on the pencil icon to edit your basic information and add your websites URL.




You also have the option to edit your cover imageBasically the same thing as Facebook’s cover photo, this image will cover a large portion of your profile. As a business you can use your logo, products imagery or something that appropriately represents your brand.

Once you have completed this step, your profile should start looking a little something like this… I did use Justin Timberlake as an example but hey, if he is on Myspace, maybe we all should be 🙂


Additional Features for Specific Account Types:

With regards to the differences in profiles, so far the only account types that offer more features are the Musician, DJ/Producer and Comedian accounts. If you select one of these, you’ll have a Manage option in your menu that allows you to upload audio files (WAV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC and AAC) and create albums.


Posting Updates:

To generate interest on your page its best to post updates (news about your brand or products, updates, and general chat to acknowledge and connect with your customers).

When you click the ‘Post’ button, you’ll get the option to add an update with up to 150 characters. You can also add a photo or a link.

You can also add a song to your update if the song is on Myspace. This can help vary your updates and give your connections a better feel for your brand.

The new Myspace profiles scroll horizontally instead of vertically. Therefore, when you’re viewing your profile, you will need to scroll to the right to see your updates. This also applies to view your stream.

Making Connections:

While the new Myspace is in beta, you can only connect with those who have created their profiles in the new Myspace. To find new connections, you can connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your Myspace profile or you can use the Myspace search.

When you find people you want to connect with, you can hover over the Connect icon next to their profile to see more about them and find the option to connect.

With the new Myspace, you can automatically follow updates from anyone who has a public profile, regardless of whether they connect back with you. It’s similar to following people on Twitter. When you look at your profile, you’ll see the people you’ve connected with (i.e., following) vs. the people who have connected with you (i.e., followers).

Using Your Stream:

Once you’ve made connections, you’ll see updates from your connections (those you follow) in your stream. You can customize your stream to show specific types of updates from your connections if you are only interested in photos, text, music, etc.


As a brand, you should note that users have this option. It means that you’ll need to vary your update types often so that your connections always see at least some of your updates.

To interact with updates from others, you can comment. As shown in the video, you’re also able to share public updates from others with your connections.

To sign up to the new Myspace or take a peek at the new design simply click here.


My final thoughts for the day:

The new Myspace is very similar to Facebook with status updates, profile cover photos as well as Newsfeeds – all the same but in different terminology.

I believe Myspace is great for upcoming artists to get their art out there but if there is no crowd, there is no standing ovation. Therefore if no one is jumping on the bandwagon is there any point?

What do you think? Is Myspace only for entertainment or could there be potential value for businesses and brands? Will you be signing up?

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