Festive Season Is Here, Get Social!

A very busy time of year for almost every industry, the festive season. This time of year creates a prime opportunity to engage with followers and provide them with interesting and relevant content. So what can you do to adapt your social strategy for this time of year?











Spread the festive feel – Start off by dressing up your social spaces to look the part and give them the feel of the time of year. Get into the Christmas spirit by adding graphics, display pictures, cover photos and background all relative to the season.

Offer a festive promotion – There are a lot of things that might seem simple enough but are often overlooked, such as creating offers or promotions. For businesses that have product to sell, this is the perfect opportunity to sell large volumes and create desirable offers for customers.

Provide valuable content – Build excitement in the festive season, and beyond, with your posts, this means posting at least weekly!

Provide them with content that you believe will excite them and remind them that you have something to offer them at this time of year. Something to remember though on Facebook, avoid using the word Christmas in posts if possible. Your post may end up grouped with other users’ posts on ‘Christmas’ and thus be unseen.

Finally, remember what has worked for you in the past and during past festive seasons and try to take advantage of this.

Hopefully these tips can help you out this festive season. Merry Christmas!

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