Amazon Brand Pages, The Way Of The Future?

Not long ago, Amazon brand pages were introduced as a new form of social media page for brands and retailers. Trying to link the world of social media with e-commerce has been the focus of many brands recently. It’s well known that incorporating a social aspect into e-commerce has the ability to improve the overall experience for the customer, but will adding e-commerce to existing social sites (Facebook) or adding social to existing e-commerce sites (Amazon) prove to be more successful?









So far, Facebook’s various ventures into the e-commerce segment hasn’t proved wildly successful, so it will be interesting to see if Amazon are able to successfully combine social and e-commerce. Personally I think what Amazon has to offer has what it takes to be very successful. Why is this?

  • Incorporated social features are simple and useful, they include ratings, reviews and recommendations that allow customers to provide their own opinions and feedback.
  • You can use social data to personalise social features on your e-commerce pages – personalised advice, sharing and recommendations – by integrating with social networks.
  • Brands can post news to their brand pages, and it’s impact can be measured. This further closes the gap between social media and e-commerce.

Amazon is definitely a site worth considering incorporating into your social media strategy when determining what online platforms to use from the multitudes that are available to you. Research the different platforms and find out which ones work best for your business.


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