Myspace Finally Launches Their Redesign

FRANk Media - Myspace finally  launches their redesigned siteIn September this year Myspace revealed that they would be redesigning their veteran social media platform. But what’s it going to take to bring this well and truly dead social media site back from the dead?

People need to be provided with good reason to move, and what reason has Myspace provided? ┬áNothing overly notable compared to what’s already available on existing platforms. A complex sign up process has also been created, making users sign up to an invite list to become apart of the new Facebook. The videos that have been released to accompany the redesign make it seem similar to Pinterest, check them out here.

Myspace is actually so old that some people forget it once dominated the world of social media. David Stark on Facebook had this to say “Another one? I’m currently unemployed and i don’t have time for multiple online social networks”. Other Facebook users described Myspace as “the internet’s abandoned online amusement park”.

The redesign of the site was done completely from scratch with the focus of giving the people to express themselves in whichever they please. Whether it be music, photography, film, design or whatever else.

But will this be enough to get them back on the scene? Or are they better off cashing their chips and calling it a day?

What do you think? Are you on the new Myspace? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the redesigned network.



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