Getting Pinterest Traffic To Your Site

Earlier in the year Pinterest’s popularity was increasing rapidly, but more recently its growth has steadied. However it still drives more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and Youtube combined.

In August alone Pinterest had 23 million unique visitors. Pinterest’s ability to generate massive amounts of referral traffic has attracted many businesses.

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Here are some ways to optimise your Pinterest presence for generating site traffic.


1. Pin videos

Pinterest is a site primarily based around visuals, so there is nothing wrong with pinning plenty of interesting and valuable videos on your boards. With an absolutely huge database of videos, Youtube should hopefully have some form of content relative to your brand.

2. Spread your pinning across all boards

Don’t just focus all your attention on one of your boards and neglect the others. The boards should all be there for a reason, so you should strive to feel each with interesting, relevant content.

3. Add Pin It buttons to your site

This is one of the simplest ways to get site content shared, just install the widget onto your site. A Pin-it button creates the opportunity for users to get your content out there quickly. Ensure however that your site doesn’t have too many buttons because it may become cluttered.

4. Pin blog posts

Another simple way of driving traffic. But before you go aheadĀ  and start pinning everything, you may want to consider whether your brand is focusing more on quantity than quality. Quality should always be the primary focus because valuable content is the content that users appreciate.

5. Monitor your analytics

Reviewing and keeping a close eye on your analytics gives your brand the ability to view what works for them and what doesn’t. Once you understand this you’re able to determine which type of content, relative to your brand, drives the most traffic.

6. Use hashtags

Hashtags are a very simple way of placing your content into categories. Using general terms when selecting hashtags makes it easier for people to find your content when using the search bar.

7. Be aware of keywords and searches

There’s a reason why it’s mandatory to include a description for each pin – because only text can be searched! This is where Facebook posts and Pins differ – it’s common practice to place text such as “Do you like this?” together with a Facebook post; however that same text on Pinterest has no search value. Make it a point to describe your Pin accurately and with the search keywords you want it to be found for.

8. Check your backlinks

Make sure that your original pins link back to the intended URL. If you upload an image directly onto Pinterest as opposed to pinning from your website, Pinterest will generate a generic URL which does not do anything for your referral traffic.


What other tips do you have?


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