5 Mistakes To Avoid In Social Media

There are many potential landmines when involving your brand in social media, having the ability and understanding to avoid these can help you succeed. We’ve put together a list of a 5 main mistakes your brand should avoid on social media, these are:

Not Developing A Voice

A lot of brands, especially smaller less well known ones are worried to do anything out of the ordinary on Facebook. But that’s exactly what this form of media requires if they want to be recognised. Having a personality and developing a more humanised communication than as if the consumer is talking to a robot is exactly what your brand needs to be on social media.

Not Engaging In Conversation

Followers don’t always just want to listen to what you have to tell them, they’ll want to talk back and converse with you. Followers want to be able to feel appreciated and have their feedback, opinions and questions valued and responded to. How many times do you see a company only post updates about what it’s doing, but never once comment or respond to queries or comments?

This isn’t the way to go about becoming a successful ‘social brand’. Consider what you’re currently doing on social media, does this sound like you?

Not Updating Regularly

You want to give your followers and potential followers a reason to follow you. By posting regular, up to date content this increases the value that your brand provides online to its followers. Some argue that posting bad content is better than posting nothing at all, brands must strive to regularly find relative, valuable content to post and put in effort to provide this to followers. Try and make posting content into a habit and it will form itself into a routine soon enough for your brand.

Do you think you could be putting more effort into providing more regular content for your followers?

Not Having A Strategy

Nobody starts a business without a plan of what they hope to achieve, so why would you go into social media without a plan? Launching a business without a strategy will result in problems, launching your brand into social media without a plan can result in problems also. A strategy is crucial if you want to make progress. Know what you want to achieve from setting up your social media accounts, how you’re going to get there and how much time you can realistically dedicate to it.

Bad Spelling Or Grammar

The final point, although it may seem like a simple one is making sure your posts have the correct spelling or grammar in them. Being corrected or laughed at by your followers is definitely not what you want. It seems like a rather obvious thing brands should be aware of and yet it somehow doesn’t seem to get through to some brands.

It doesn’t take long to quickly proof read your posts before putting them live, get on it.


Hopefully these few points will allow you to avoid the common mistakes of social media and make you more aware of them. By considering the above points for your brand on social media will improve their chances of success.

Are you making any of the above mistakes with your brand at the moment?


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