Make Ripples In The Ocean Of Social Media

In such a large and vast environment for communicating with clients on social media, having the ability to make ripples and gain attention of customers is an important ability to attain. We often talk about how crucial it is to be able to maintain relationships with your customers and focus more on building relationships than just launching one of strategies and hoping for the best. However gaining attention in the first place so you can begin these relationships with customers requires hype and interest. To do this requires innovative schemes that are valuable enough that customers take notice and want to engage.

Remarkable deals are one way for gaining the attention of existing followers and potential followers online, they might seem like a one off strategy, but if they’re used consistently in a “weekly deals” style format, they have the potential to gain a lot of interest and hype around your business. These deals can also be effectively used as bait to drive cross-selling and upselling. Even if it just drives customers to the store, their chances of buying something along with the discounted item are high. A site that has recognised this opportunity of weekly deals and wants to take advantage of this is Lish is a site in which brands have the ability to submit their weekly deals so that all the bargains are in the one place. It may not be useful for all businesses but does allow for another outlet for brands to be recognised.

Brands must be careful however when implementing such a strategy, as it has the potential to damage their brand image. If the deals aren’t of any interest to followers or they aren’t anything overly special, they may annoy customers with numerous regular uninteresting deals being presented to them. You can also attain customers solely looking for bargains who have no interest in building a relationship with your business. These are a few of the risks, but it seems fairly evident that the benefits of an effective weekly deals scheme will create desired hype and outweigh the negatives.

Can your business use a similar strategy to create hype? Or will it do more damage than good?

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