Looking For A Job? Look For Work On Facebook

A newly launched Facebook application, HireRabbit, allows companies to add a recruiting tab for potential employee’s to view. The ever growing capabilities of social media platforms are expanding once again as a resource for those that are job hunting online.





HireRabbit offer companies the opportunity to create a customised hiring tab to their page which can be linked with companies existing hiring systems. The systems simple design means that it can be easily maintained and created by non-technical staff. There is no need for an understanding of code, HireRabbit walks customers through the setup process, allowing them to add their job postings, company details, photos, video and more, in order to customize their Facebook tabs.

Why do we need the ability to search for jobs on Facebook?

Because this network is so massive, having the ability to leverage off it for various purposes, creates large opportunities. If the majority of people are in the same place online, then why not try take advantage of this to try communicate job opportunities to them. Also if people are already on Facebook, it provides a simpler way of finding jobs rather than having to go to various other sites to look for work. Problems however may rise like they did when Facebook tried to introduce an online retail platform, it’s just not the place people go to buy stuff online.

So will this be any different for those looking for work?


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