Brands rejoice! A peek at the new Instagram web profiles

Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram has finally culminated in something good – the roll out of user profiles that represent the definite start of a web presence (not just mobile anymore). These profile pages have a startling resemblance to Facebook’s timeline design – just that it’s all photos, not text!

Instagram’s mobile app can be quite clunky for brands to use hence the many online web viewers available (that aren’t really any good to be honest!)

The new Instagram web profiles will contain all the vitals: profile photo, cover photo, follower and following stats, descriptions and site links.

Cover photo

It’s not actually at all like Facebook’s cover photo that can be chosen and modified at will – in fact it’s made up of seven photos, not one.

There are seven image slots and they’re formatted in such a way that there are six small spaces and one large space on the centre-left (see below). These seven spaces will show your most recent and popular images.

FRANk Media - Instagram launches web profiles

It’s yet to be seen if Instagram will allow brands to select the images they want – that would come in really handy. However having an algorithm pick out the most popular images is a good incentive to make marketers work harder at putting up engaging photos.


The photo ‘timeline’

Photos are arranged in chronological order as expected. One quite handy benefit of the new profiles is that you can now find the individual URL for each image.


Instagram for brands

The new web profile is beautiful and will really help Instagram’s growth.. after all there’s more to view on a big screen! At the moment the rules for competitions and promotions are much less strict than Facebook.

In fact, here at FRANK we’re just on the cusp of launching an Instagram competition for a client.. so stay tuned to see how that goes (there will be great prizes!)

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FRANk Media - Instagram rolls out web profiles


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FRANk Media - Instagram rolls out web profiles



FRANk Media - Instagram rolls out web profiles


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FRANk Media - Instagram rolls out web profiles


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