FRANk Jam October 12, 2012 – our pickings of the week

Social media news of the week:

The worst social media fails of Hurricane Sandy – buy stuff while people drown?

During a major crisis like Hurricane Sandy, it’s best for PR reps to keep quiet if they represent a company selling something frivolous like V-neck T-shirts. Unfortunately, not everyone has that kind of good sense. There’s been a small treasure of social media fails since the storm hit last night. Most notably, American Apparel are taking serious criticism for sending out an advisory last night for a 26 hour storm sale special: 20 percent off in all states affected by Sandy. Read more





Twitter confirms Facebook-style ‘Like’ option for engagement

Twitter is planning to remove the ‘Favourite’ button from tweets and replace it with a version similar to Facebook’s ‘Like’. Perhaps this might make the case for another metric for Twitter engagement other than retweets and replies.
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SaaS adoption accelerates in Australia

Enterprises and their need to compete with greater accuracy and speed are driving the cannibalization of on-premise applications faster than many anticipated. The highest adoption rates of SaaS-based applications include sales, customer service, social CRM and marketing automation. Read more here


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