3 Creative Instagram Campaigns

As Instagram grows and grows in popularity (now reaching over 100 million users), brands need to keep creativity in their Instagram campaigns to ensure they’ll stand out from the crowd. How do you do this though when so many others are trying exactly the same thing?

Hopefully these 3 campaigns provide you with some inspiration or ideas that can be applied to your own business:

Ford car launch:

Sure this might not be hugely creative or groundbreaking, but it’s good to see a big company like Ford getting followers on board and actively engaging with them. Ford hosted a weekly contest that allowed followers to upload photos of their cars with hashtags reflecting certain aspects of their cars. Take a look here for more information:


Sony’s new video for The Vaccines :

Producing music video’s can be very expensive, so in this case, Sony have produced The Vaccines new music video by sourcing photos from fans instagrams. A very creative and impressive result:


Restaurant uses Instagram for their menu:

It’s all too often we find ourselves stuck on what to order when out for dinner at a restaurant. This restaurant employed the opinions of other patrons and allowed them to Instagram their meals with their thoughts on the meal they ordered. Making the decision easier for those indecisive patrons was a great success for the business.


So how can you use Instagram for your business?

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