UK Company Bodyform Wins Fans Over With Witty Response

It’s all too often that we see companies getting slammed in the public eye on their Facebook pages. This is all because it’s just so easy to have your post viewed and potentially supported by hundreds simply by clicking the ‘Like’ button. Bodyform, a women’s sanitary product company from the UK have responded accordingly a fan post and successfully won the support of their fans in a potentially embarrassing situation with their witty response. When Facebook user Richard Neill posted this on the Bodyform page, he caused quite a stir:

A company’s ability to respond to these posts that can quickly gain a lot of attention is testament to their ability online. If a company is able to act in such a way that they appear transparent and they’ve got nothing to hide it can often work in their favour.
Bodyform did just that by going out of their way to create a video to respond to Richard (even though as a man he wasn’t their target market).


This response to the original post from Richard won the support of many on Facebook, many people appreciating the way Bodyform reacted with good humour and showing that they did actually understand women, and men. This provides a prime example of the way in which companies should aim to respond to fan posts on Facebook, as real people, not as a robot churning out generic, boring replies.

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