5 Ways To Improving Your Facebook Engagement

Engaging with your followers on Facebook is an important factor that will determine the success of your brand online. There are 5 simple steps you can follow to ensure the material you post on Facebook is engaging as possible.

1. Keep Your Updates Short

Research has showed time and time again, the longer you make your posts, the less engagement they will receive. People have generally trained themselves to skip over or block out anything that might require too much time or effort unless they are given a really good reason to pay attention to it.




















Let photos do the talking if you’ve got the chance to, posts featuring a photo album, picture or video have the potential to generate up to 180% more engagement than a plain text post.

2. Don’t use URL shorteners
















Why would it matter if you try and make your posts seem less cluttered by using shorteners?
Basically, your followers want to know where a link is going to take them before they click it or at least have a rough idea.

3. Post at times ideal for your followers

Improving engagement can be largely determined by whether or not you’re at the top of your followers’ newsfeeds. A great way of ensuring your brand gets up the top is to make sure they post at the right time of day. Busiest Facebook times are between 1 and 4pm, meaning this would be the ideal time to make your posts.

4. Use the right words for higher engagement

There are certain words you can use in your posts to result in a higher engagement. Keywords such as: “post”, “comment”, “take”, “submit”, “like” or “tell us” have proven to be the most effective.

There are words that can have the opposite effect however, words that alert the follower that they’re apart of an advertising scheme. Words such as “contest”, “promotion”, “sweepstakes” and “coupon” are likely to deter followers.

5. Ask questions

Pretty simple last point of the 5 ways to improving Facebook engagement, questions will increase the engagement of your posts by approximately 15%. Avoid every type of questions starter besides “why”, questions beginning with “why” have the lowest like and comment rates.

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