Using Metrics When Marketing Content

Many companies view metrics when content marketing in their own way to determine the type of content they should be displayed on their site. Being able to view and effectively use the various metrics available is an important part to content marketing.

A recent survey of 49 content publishers undertaken by Econsultancy blog allowed for greater insight into which metrics they considered to be the most important.

Which metrics when content marketing did businesses decide were the most useful? Take a look below and find out.

These results are not intended to reflect exactly the relative importance that your business should be placing upon these because every business will be different. It should however give a rough indication of which metrics are generally considered a higher priority with monitoring than others.

Obviously unique visitors is a high priority because it shows what generally generates traffic for the site. This allows businesses to determine the type of content they should be posting. Page views per visitor is considered another important metric, being able to generate a second click is often considered highly important. By offering recommendations of where visitors should go next on the site, businesses have the ability to keep users on the site for longer. They can do this by recommending relative content to what the visitor is already viewing in the hope of retaining their attention for longer.

Are you monitoring these metrics to their full potential?

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