The era of buying Facebook likes is over

The era of buying likes on Facebook is over.

Facebook has announced changes to the Edgerank algorithm which will place a higher importance of engagement rates of status updates. The algorithm responds favourably to content which generates lots of likes, shares, comments and other action.

So what does this mean for your brand on Facebook? While the engagement rate has always been a part of the Edgerank algorithm, there is chatter in social media circles which claims that the algorithm update now makes content with poor engagement rates up to 50% less likely to appear in the newsfeed. And that is a massive concern considering that more than 25% of time on Facebook is spent on the newsfeed. Read more here.

If your brand has bought likes in the past, you will have noticed that these fans are largely inactive and not engaged. Your  status updates go unnoticed and perhaps it did not matter too much in the past but it is now time to rethink your social media approach. The era of artificially bumping up your Facebook community is really over.

I hope though that this does not mean now that Facebook now gets swamped with “engaging” content such as this:

FRANk Media_engaging content does not mean good content--

Yeah, engaging content is not always good content! An ice-cream factory in bed with a cancer charity drumming up likes for each other? I could talk about this for days…but I’m not allowed. I’ll just say this: the “pink washing” of brands in the name of good stinks to high heaven!

When planning your next social media move, read this first: the Key to Social Media success. It will make the difference between good and engaging content and condescending yet engaging content.



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