The 3 P’s Of Social Business And How Technology Can Only Solve One

Not regularly discussed, there are 3 P’s  of a social business when developing yourself a strategy online, these are:

  • Platforms
  • Process
  • People

Many businesses are taking to social media by focusing on having their technology as up to date as possible. They also focus heavily on monitoring the effect their posts have on their followers.

With such a heavy focus on platforms and the technology available, the processes and people associated with their social media take a back seat, even though these other 2 P’s are equally as important as the first one. People are the ones that operate and implement this technology that companies are investing in, so if the people aren’t a priority companies aren’t optimising the use of their social media. If the processes are neglected then it also detracts from a companies ability to become a social business.

A lot of money is thrown around by big companies ensuring they have sufficient technology to monitor their impact online, they want the latest and greatest to know whether they’re being effective. If they put all their eggs in this one basket then they’re simply putting all their eggs in one basket and can’t expect to reach their optimal potential online.

How is your business taking on the 3 P’s of social business?


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