New “Facebook Gifts” The Solution To F-Commerce?

A lot of people are of the belief that Facebook isn’t a place you go to do online shopping for anything. So what is the solution to F-Commerce problems that business currently face? Many businesses have given up on it as a place to sell their products and sourced other outlets. Seeing this, Facebook have decided to release their new feature “Facebook Gifts”.

Why will this be any different to previous attempts by Facebook to sell stuff on their site?

This new feature for the social media site will allow users to buy gifts not only for themselves but conveniently for others. Users will be given the option when it’s someones birthday, to buy them a gift. Similarly to how they are notified in their side bar that it is a friends birthday, they will be given the opportunity to write on their wall as well as buy them a gift. Instead of previously attempting to just get users to shop for themselves, they now present them with the opportunity to buy gifts conveniently timed on their friends birthdays.










Facebook users won’t need to know their friends address to buy them a gift, nor do they need to enter credit card information straight away. This makes the system easier to use, reducing points of difficulty.

Do you think these added features will make F-commerce more effective?



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