FRANk Jam September 27, 2012 – our pickings of the week

Social media news of the week:

Myspace, back from the dead?

Ever since Facebook grabbed the social media crown and other platforms such as Twitter and Tumblr gained popularity, Myspace has been the butt of jokes. The company has provided the first glimpse into the “new Myspace” in a video preview released this week. The new Myspace aims to be a ‘social entertainment destination’, and invites photographers, musicians, filmmakers, designers and their fans. It will be tablet optimised (in fact it looks more like an app than a site). Users will be able to create collections of pictures and songs, called mixes, and stay connected with their favourite artists and peers. But how will it be different to other platforms that are already heavily used for discovering entertainment e.g. YouTube, Spotify? We’ll have to wait for the launch. Read more?


Google announces paid listings will be prioritised over organic product search in Google Shopping

Beginning next week, businesses that want their products to appear at the very top of Google Shopping search results will have to pay for it. Results will still be ranked largely by relevance, however bidding will be an additional factor. Google believes that if merchants pay to have their products appear at the top, they are more likely to keep product information up to date. Read more?


Over half of people are not impressed if they can’t find a brand or company on social media

Brands that have no presence on social media or who set up a profile and then are completely inactive are viewed negatively by potential and current customers. 51% of respondents believed that being unable to find a brand on social media reflected negatively on the brand. View the study


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