War Rages Between Sportsbet and Commonwealth Bank

Sportsbet have recently become involved in a media battle against Commonwealth Bank after releasing a parody of the Bank’s “Can” campaign video. Commonwealth Bank didn’t take kindly to the video, having Sportsbet forced to remove the video from their Facebook and Youtube.

Sportsbet didn’t just leave it at that though, they had to respond. Sportsbet chose to do this by publicly challenging Commenwealth Bank to a CanCan dance of to settle the dispute. If CBA won the challenge they would, Sportsbet said that they would post the original CBA ad on their homepage and donate $50,000 to a charity of CBA’s choice. If Sportsbet won the challenge however, CBA would have to donate $50,000 to the charity of Sportsbet’s choice.

FRANk Media - Sportsbet challenges Commonwealth Bank to a Can Can dance off

Sportsbet placed a challenge with Commonwealth Bank in the paper

“When it comes to giving to our communities, we don’t gamble,” was CommBank’s response. “Like all major brands in Australia, we take any infringement or attempt to de-value our intellectual property rights seriously and will act to protect these as appropriate. ”


Sportsbet’s next reply was in the form of a video where they removed the $50,000 bet:

There’s a four letter word that’s not offensive
But it might stop you feeling so apprehensive
The word is ease
As in jeese-louise please
Can you stop this tease
Come show us your knees
And come dance in the breeze!
If you can’t can can, we’ll refund your bet
Removing the risk – there’s no need to fret
Ease the gamble? We can do for you
Come dance with sportsbet.com.au


CommBank declining the light hearted challenge made by Sportsbet hasn’t reflected well upon CommBank on Facebook in particular, where they received a lot of negative feedback and comments regarding the challenge.

Would CBA have been better of taking on the challenge for the sake of their brand image?

Might have been a win-win PR situation for both brands… what do you think?

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