FRANk Jam September 13, 2012 – our pickings of the week

Social media news of the week:


Social media now integral part to business strategy

Most companies now look at social media as a key part of their marketing and overall business strategies, according to new research by Econsultancy and Adobe.
66% of digital marketers surveyed working for companies with an annual turnover of more than £100m agreed that ‘social media is integral to business strategy’, while 67% said that social media activity was ‘integral to their marketing mix’. Read the full report here.



Ebay buys Supply to make shopping more social

The giant e-retailer knows you’ll buy more if your friends weigh in on your purchase decisions. And that’s exactly what Svpply knows how to do. Svpply is a retail curation site that lets users upload photos of the items they covet from brands and designers across the Internet. Now both companies are joined to take social shopping to the next level. Read more?





The future of brand content

The digital media community of NYC offers some interesting (and some rather obvious) insights into the future of branded content. Watch the video here for inspiration.


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