Social Comparison Of Australia’s Top Agencies

From this social comparison, we are able to closely analyse the various aspects that work cohesively to create a successful social business. Some of these companies are highly active on one form of social media, but not even utilizing another. The agencies shown above are placed in order from the top 10 Australian advertising agencies of 2011.

It can be easily noted that as you move further down the table, the use of various outlets of social media becomes less consistent. Although the material that was provided through these forms of social media was not analysed, the information that was reviewed does play a major part in determining social media success.

In each of the 5 social media categories, each company was ranked based upon engagement (people talking about this divided by page likes), followers, video views, use of Pintrest and blogging activity. A total score was created for each company and a ranking decided upon based on this.

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