Facebook Under Fire Over User Privacy Concerns

Facebook have recently come under fire from a German consumer group, threatening to take action against the social network unless certain privacy concerns were addressed. The German consumer group wants Facebook to stop automatically giving third party applications information about users of their site, without their consent.

This isn’t the first time Facebook have found themselves in trouble regarding privacy issues. In October, 2011, the social network was sued when they were found to be in breach of United States wiretap laws. These greed motivated breaches are an attempt to retain more information about consumers that can be effectively used by companies and brands to target their products.

So will Facebook continue to push the boundaries of user privacy until the achieve the information they desire? Or will these multiple law suits against them make them realise that there is a line that they should not be crossing?

Hopefully these law suits do contribute to a realisation that Facebook needs to draw the line somewhere in their hopes of retaining consumer information. As helpful and valuable as it may be for companies, the further they go, the more and more negatively it will reflect upon the site. So much so, that users could eventually leave the site if they feel their privacy too threatened.

Do you think Facebook will have to stop themselves somewhere? or continue to push to retrieve as much information about users regardless of privacy concerns?

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