Facebook Creates New Mobile Advertisements For Apps

Facebook have recently developed a mobile-only ad product. This new ad product, known as sponsored stories aims to attract the many users accessing facebook through their mobiles each day.

There is no doubt that this market exists and is capable of being targeted because as of June this year there were 543 million users on facebook mobile. “Sponsored Stories” that were introduced earlier this year are viewable on Facebook Mobile will link viewers directly to the Google Play or the App Store to buy the apps that have been advertised.

Building upon this, Facebook have developed mobile ads for apps, which are basic ads that link users directly to the app store.

So are these sponsored stories an effective way of gaining the attention of the mobile users without impeding too much upon the content they desire?

I think sponsored stories was definitely a step in the right direction, providing potentially interesting content for users. Mobile Ads for Apps however impedes greatly upon the material users receive, and is a fairly basic advertising strategy. It doesn’t use any form of communication or provide any material users might engage with. As a result the advertisements seem like pretty standard banner advertisements that many people in today’s society filter out and will scroll straight past as they look through their newsfeed.

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