FRANk Jam August 2, 2012 – our pickings of the week

Social media news of the week:

FRANk Media - Facebook launches targeted postsFacebook launches targeted posts

Facebook launches Page Post Targeting, a new way to segment page content based on audience data. It gives admins the ability to segment their Page posts to specific groups of fans in the News Feed based on categories such as age, gender, interest etc. Read more?


FRANk Media - Coles faces another social media disasterColes faces another social media disaster

The supermarket chain has ignored a Facebook post on their page from a concerned woman over the milk prices. The post went viral and received more than 73,000 “likes”. It’s not a social media disaster because Coles failed to reply in a timely and appropriate manner- the problem Coles is facing runs deeper. Coles advertises that its customers and farmers are the main priority, however their actions could be interpreted differently. And social media does not tolerate that. Read more?


FRANk Media - A social network for cowsA social network for cows?

While Coles is battling another social media disaster after a heartfelt post on their Facebook page accuses the supermarket chain of destroying the Australian dairy farmers went viral. The question is: How do you make cows happier and still make money? In the absence of a definite answer, a new study into cow’s social dynamics aims to find out. Read more?

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