Kanye and Jay-Z leading the way in adding value for fans through online resources

Value Adding to an experience for customers is generally a high priority for businesses. If this can be tied with a minimal increase in costs, it provides a winning combination that is certainly desirable.

Recently hip-hop artists Kanye West and Jay-Z have been able to recognise an opportunity to do this for their fans. By adding exclusive videos from behind the scenes of their latest tour only available to registered users, Kanye and Jay Z have definitely increased the value of the experience they give fans.


This then begs the question, how can this be applied to other brands?

The application of such resources and their effectiveness will definitely be dependent upon the brand subject that this method is trying to be applied to. Adding value to fans of musicians, athletes and other celebrities is simple enough through similarly styled online videos allowing a behind the scenes look into the lives of these celebrities.

So why do we care about the lives of these people?

By posting up such videos, yet another opportunity is created for sponsors/advertisers to potentially communicate with consumers. Other quality examples of this include Red Bull’s “On Pace with Pastrana” and “Life Behind Bars” video series on youtube that gives a behind the scenes look into the lives of two of their sponsored athletes.

Do you think you’d watch a video displaying in depth detail into the life of your favourite celebrity?

If yes, then obviously an effective medium has been created for brands to advertise and communicate with customers.

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