App Mobility: A Crucial Skill For Many Businesses

With ever changing modern technology, it has proved that at the moment the ability to develop successful mobile app’s is a crucial skill for many businesses to possess. App mobility is also an important factor that influences its success. Just being apart of this mobile space is not enough, with a predicted 76 billion apps by 2014, the importance of your app having the ability to break this clutter can not be stressed enough.

So how can you make your app stand out against so many others? What is valuable to consumers when they are determining what apps to purchase and use?

Everything that has been developed in the past with understanding digital media and social media needs to be effectively applied relating to understanding what consumers want, having it conveniently available and socially connectivity. This is all information that has previously been developed and comprehended, now all of this must be taken and made mobile and adapted to suit multiple screen sizes and devices.

The ability of apps to change and adapt depending on their context or location determines their mobility. Businesses shouldn’t just be scrambling to create an app to put their brand in that space. The app environment is too cluttered for companies to create simple apps like many others and expect success.

Mobility is one way in which companies can differentiate their app to many others. If you were to create an app for your business, how do you think you’d increase its mobility?

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