5 Social Brand Personas to Avoid

Let’s pretend this is a blindfold retail test.   Who are you going to buy?

“We are the #1 royal shirt kings in the land – buy from us!”

“We are such an amazing brand, producing shirts made from silk dipped in room temperature elephant baths”

“We make you look good in hand-tailored shirts – we’d love to hear from you!”

Ok, so the elephant bath shirts DO sound interesting – but I’ll go with #3.

Why?  They’re FRANk; direct, honest, open.

Online is the world’s marketplace – there is a lot out there.  In social, it’s important you are clear and concise to cut through the clutter.

Here are some common word-vomit effects to avoid:

The A-Hole Effect

“Our pens are so high quality that even the most trained pen users will be awe-struck by their calligraphic abilities.”

Would you walk up to someone and say that?  If not, don’t write it.

The Quadruple Adjective Effect

“We have the most passionate, innovative, dynamic and unique cars in the world.”

Save it for your resume.  Social attention is quick – keep it short and to the point. 

The [insert trendy name here] Effect

“Here at the office, we have our trained [Architects, Evangelists, Gurus, Soldiers] ready to serve your everyday toilet paper role needs.”

Take or leave it in advertising, but to the average consumer, it’s either confusing or wanky.    

The Creating Amazingness Effect

“After you purchase that door handle, stick around and have a look at all the amazing memes and user-generated videos we made about monkeys – hilarious!”

Social is not a place to develop a new persona – it’s a place to be your brand:  enhanced.

The Jersey-Shore / The Shire / Effect

YOUR BRAND:  Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Like, Me, Me,

This AINT about YOU.  You are only in business because people buy your product.



Nail your core service first, and then add value.

People are searching for your product or service for a reason.

Find out what that is.

When your strategy is solid:

1. Have Fun

2. Provide Expertise

3. Be Educational

Remember that social relies on impressions, so make sure it’s the right one.

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